Woodway Desmo Elite Treadmill (Used)

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Save BIG on this rare used Woodway Desmo Elite in San Diego.

Woodway, the worlds largest specialized treadmill manufacturer, combines the industries finest running surface with innovative interactive entertainment options to form their latest product, the Woodway Desmo Elite Treadmill.

The legendary Woodway Desmo treadmill is updated with many new features.This treadmill adds an embedded 17" LCD touch screen to Woodways legendary 35-year Desmo history. Woodway Desmo Elite Treadmill patented running surface is now complimented with innovative entertainment options including iPod, internet connectivity, USB workout tracking and streaming music and video options.

With an elevation that rises to 15% and a speed range of up to 12.5mph, the Desmo Elite is perfect for any avid runner. Reviews of the Woodway Desmo Elite Treadmill have highlighted its premium 17" touch screen display. The quality of Woodway's user feedback represents the upper echelon of user-programming in fitness equipment. Now you can track and store detailed data from your indoor treadmill runs and save it for later analysis.

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