PaviFlex FitnessPro - Marble Sand Rubber Flooring

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  • Vulcanized Rubber
  • 100% Sealed Virgin Rubber
  • No Glue Required
  • Durable for Club use, Elegant enough for your home.

PaviFlex FitnessPro 7 mm is the best gym flooring in the market. It has been developed exclusively to offer the best performance under the most demanding conditions. It is non-slip so it's perfect for functional training. Its high density provides excellent properties of shock absorption and free weight resistance. PaviFlex Fitness Pro compounds reduce vibrations from equipment and make this floor perfect for intensive use.

It is available in a lot of different colors and textures like wood imitation, marble or metallic effects. Tiles are 39" x 39" and 7 mm thick. With four sides puzzle interlocking for an easy installation, you don't need to glue to the floor. We can produce straight edges, corners and transition ramps as per customer request.


Qty 1 Tile is approximately 10 sq/ft

4 Sided Interlocking Tiles

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