Paradigm GX6 Activity Trainer

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Six Fixed Swiveling Pulleys
Eliminates the need for constant pulley height adjustments
Six Exercise Handles
Eliminates the need for constant handle re-positioning
Integrated Accessory Storage
Smart rear hook design for 14 included accessories

Space Efficient Design
Small gym footprint and recessed workout space minimizes the total required workout area.
Time Efficient Workouts
Minimal adjustments required between exercises.

State-of-the-art Engineering
Designed so the most beneficial strength exercises can be completed using correct form without compensations.
Maximize Muscular Involvement throughout the Exercise Range
Boost results by easily incorporating Variable Resistance sets into your program using the patented hybrid weight system.
Change It Up – Training Variety
Avoid muscle adaptation and having results “plateau” by utilizing the gyms versatility: perform assisted & non-assisted bodyweight exercises as well as unilateral & bilateral functional cable training, cardio/circuit training, high-speed/ballistic actions all with constant and variable resistance options. So go ahead… mix it up!

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