AgileFit Commercial MX300 FID Bench

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Brand new from AgileFit for 2021! This heavy-duty AgileFit Commercial MX300 FID Bench, with wheels and full Flat-Incline and Decline capability is ideally suited for dynamic individual training or for gyms with many athletes training daily.

Built from 11-gauge commercial steel, the MX300 is super-sturdy, but also very easy to adjust. The back pad has 11-gauge steel spine-support and 9 different angles of incline and decline. The seat pad is easily adjustable with a pop-pin, and the Leg Hold down will provide a secure hold for all decline exercises.

The unique design of the pads on the AgileFit MX300 has small spacing of only 2-inches between the pads when bench is flat, and the 18” height is ideal for stable bench pressing and flat bench exercises.

The 3-point base design eliminates any wobble, and does not interfere with your feet.

The Decline position is ideal for decline dumbbell and pressing exercises, and also for abdominal crunches and leg raises.

Lift handle and transport wheels make it easy to move around, even though it is very sturdy.

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