True Stretch

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  • Functionally correct and ergonomically sound (Humanomic Design)
  • Produces a relaxed, tension-free body
  • Easy to understand and easy to use
  • Relieves tension on back and spine
  • Ideal for a comprehensive total-body experience or muscle groups may be isolated for specific focus (Integrated Isolation)
  • Uses the body's natural upright position and 4-point contact for proper body alignment, safety and stability (True Function)
  • Facilitates blood flow to the muscles, heart and brain
  • Improves alertness and physical performance
  • Enhances stamina, power, and coordination
  • Encourages healing of injured or under-utilized muscle groups
  • Decreases muscle soreness, joint aching, stress and headaches
  • Decreases risk of injury
  • Reduces accumulative trauma
  • Ideal for personal trainers and group use
  • Time efficient

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